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We create global integration solution at the edge of SmartCity and AdTech.

Our products are innovative urban gadgets for comprehensive management of the street environment, effective distribution of traffic and pedestrian flows, live with citizens and ensuring maximum safety and comfort of city life.

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Eco- friendly

Monitoring the environment in real time by integrating with city eco-sensors, informing about air quality, navigating to waste collection points and alternative transport stations, reducing the overall level of visual noise in the city.


Traffic smartboard that intelligently manages transport and pedestrian flows in big cities, effectively solving traffic jam problem. TomTom provides city residents with up-to-date information by collecting and analyzing data from various online sources. It captures the attention of drivers and pedestrians with dynamic content and high-tech special effects.


Smartboard that manages pedestrian flows. It is an interactive urban wayfinder that provides residents and tourists with on-demand information and opens up new creative opportunities in advertising. Jerry is equipped with a camera and an SOS-button connected with ambulance, fire and police services, and an NFC-module for fast and secure contactless payments. Smartboard provides free Wi-Fi and wireless charging.


The largest and most prominent smartboard of the Citix network, created for brand image support. Jumbo is used for outstanding 3D campaigns, creative advertising, social projects, and interaction with city residents during cultural and entertainment events. Jumbo is a 138-square meters smartboard with unique design, visible from 710 meters distance from all directions of traffic.


Mobile gadget located on a taxi roof, serving as a digital advertising platform with geotargeting and AI-based analytics. Taxi smartboard technology allows to target content by various parameters, including car location, time range and weather, as well as display personalized content in the right locations.


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Building a dialogue between the city and its residents, supporting local creative industries, transmitting relevant social content depending on location, such as information about the nearest flights on the way to the airport, city events and initiatives.

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